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Propane patio heaters from SunStar allow you to enjoy residential and commercial outdoor spaces more often throughout the year thanks to their wide cone of warmth! With professional finishes and stable, wheeled bases, our patio heaters are the perfect outdoor companion to bring warmth to any outdoor event, gathering, or quiet evening in the backyard. Our heaters require no electricity, are easily moveable, and possess a weighted base to prevent tipping over. They also feature a sleek, aesthetically appealing design that is available in black or silver. 

However, for more permanent setups, the Glass series of radiant wall-mounted patio heaters from SunStar provide remarkable warming heat whenever it is needed. Yet, radiant heat is not all they have to offer! SunStar Glass heaters offer several other features and benefits, including wind resistance in up to 40 MPH winds. They also utilize high-temperature tinted glass, which provides additional protection on windy days and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the heaters. SunStar Glass radiant patio heaters are ideal for outdoor or partially covered dining areas, bars, patios, verandas, smoking areas, vestibules, and other outdoor areas. This makes them an amazing addition to both residential and commercial properties!

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At SunStar Heating, we also offer high-quality ceramic infrared heating. This type of heater is the answer for various heating needs, including spot or large area heating as well as total building heating. Sunstar infrared heaters are also ideal for the replacement of existing ceramic heaters. They require no electricity and utilize natural or propane gas for fuel. With an aluminized steel construction, they are extremely durable, making them ideal for numerous settings, such as construction spaces, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, remote locations, and entire buildings. 

Our SunStar ceramic infrared heaters provide heat in a way that is similar to the Sun itself. They do this by transferring radiant heat energy directly into an area. This energy is then further heated and creates a warm comfort zone all the way down to the floor level. This method of heating is extremely efficient. In many cases, it often results in a fuel savings of somewhere between 30% and 50% when compared to forced air convection heating. By saving fuel with SunStar’s efficient ceramic infrared heaters, your business can save money on fuel costs without having to sacrifice the warm comfort you, your employees, and your customers need, especially during the cold winter months.

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At SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems, we are an authorized distributor of SunStar heaters and heating products. SunStar was founded in 1987 as SunStar Heating Products, Inc. The SunStar Engineering team has decades of experience in both designing and manufacturing a variety of heaters and heating appliances. This experience pairs perfectly with our own. At Advanced Systems, our owner, Mike Workman, has sold and installed heaters and heating systems for almost thirty years, including the remarkable products from SunStar.  

SunStar heaters help keep you warm wherever they are installed. This includes at home with our vent-free room heaters or even in commercial spaces. We offer warm infrared patio heaters as well as heating solutions for construction spaces, manufacturing facilities, and even entire buildings. Plus, by working with us at Advanced Systems, our customers gain access to Mike Workman’s expertise and advice, which helps ensure that whatever SunStar heating system you choose will fit the needs and requirements of your space.

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