SunStar Patio Heaters

SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems offers a variety of heating solutions for residential and commercial spaces, including our lines of SunStar patio heaters. These heaters are ideal for use in outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces, such as patios, verandas, vestibules, partially covered dining areas, bars, porches, and several other areas. Our SunStar gas patio heaters are available in two primary options: portable and wall-mounted. Yet, no matter which type you choose for your space, both options are dependable for providing the warming heat needed during colder times of the year. SunStar patio heaters are also manufactured from high-quality materials and are aesthetically appealing.    

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Commercial Applications for SunStar Patio Heaters 

SunStar outdoor patio heaters contribute the warmth needed in numerous types of spaces, ranging from residential homes to nearly all kinds of commercial businesses. Our many SunStar patio heating options are especially beneficial for various commercial applications. We have several patio heaters to choose from that can help address the needs and requirements of differing areas and purposes. In doing so, we have SunStar patio heaters for multiple commercial applications, such as: 

  • Restaurant patios
  • Outdoor bar areas and tiki bars 
  • Outdoor and semi-outdoor entertainment spaces
  • Smoking areas
  • Patios
  • And any other outdoor or semi-outdoor area in need of heating!

Residential Applications for SunStar Patio Heaters

Fortunately, SunStar gas patio heaters are not exclusive to commercial settings. They are also wonderful heating solutions for outdoor and semi-outdoor residential spaces. 

Our SunStar patio heaters come in two variations: portable and wall-mounted. Both options are ideal for residential properties. 

PHJ & PHS Heaters 

The SunStar PHJ and PHS heaters are our most affordable options. These sleek, portable heaters are an excellent addition to residential spaces. They provide radiant, warming heat and can complement various types of decor.

The Glass Series

We also offer our Glass series of SunStar patio heaters, which includes the SGL Glass series and SGLMG Glass series. Heaters in both glass series are wall-mounted, so they are ideal for more permanent installations. They are exceptional additions to luxurious residential spaces on high-end properties with their infrared heat and sleek design. 

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At SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems, we are an authorized distributor of SunStar patio heaters and other heating products. SunStar is a leading designer and manufacturer of heating systems, while our company owner, Mike Workman, and his team are experts in installing and selling heaters. By working with us, you gain access to Mike Workman’s wealth of knowledge. He is available for advice on what heater will work best for your space and even troubleshooting. 
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