SunStar Restaurant Heaters

At SunStar Heating, we offer a number of high-quality options of SunStar gas restaurant heaters for use in outdoor spaces. When temperatures drop, outdoor dining becomes less and less appealing to customers. However, with the help of quality heaters, restaurants can keep their outdoor areas warmer and more comfortable throughout the year. SunStar restaurant heaters provide an excellent solution for restaurateurs looking to create a cozy outdoor dining experience for their customers and maximize the use of their spaces.

Benefits of Restaurant Heaters

There are several benefits to owning propane gas heaters for outdoor areas of restaurants. Firstly, they provide warmth to customers, which makes it possible to dine outside even on chilly evenings. This increases the seating capacity of a restaurant and can result in increased revenue. Additionally, restaurant heaters are often more cost-effective than electric heaters, making them a more attractive option for restaurant owners. So to maximize your spaces and serve as many customers as possible all year round, consider adding high-quality restaurant heaters from SunStar Heating to your outdoor dining areas!

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Qualities of the Best Restaurant Outdoor Heater Systems From SunStar Heating

SunStar restaurant heaters stand out from the competition for several reasons. Firstly, they are made with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. This makes them a durable and long-lasting investment for any restaurant in The United States. In addition to their durability, SunStar heaters are also aesthetically pleasing. They are sleek and well-designed, which helps them suit practically any restaurant’s decor. 

At SunStar Heating, our infrared heaters are particularly popular as they emit heat through infrared radiation. This process is a more efficient and effective method of heating than traditional convection heating. It helps ensure that customers stay warmer and more comfortable dining outdoors – even on the coldest nights.

Wall & Ceiling Mounted Sunstar Restaurant Heaters

Wall and ceiling mounted heaters from SunStar Heating are excellent options for restaurants with limited floor space. They take up very little room and can be installed in a variety of locations to help provide warmth to customers. At SunStar Heating, our wall and ceiling mounted heaters are easy to install and come with a range of mounting options to suit nearly any restaurant’s needs.

Our ceiling mounted and wall mounted options for restaurants include: 

Both options are exceptional for mounting in outdoor dining areas and providing efficient and effective heating.

SunStar SGL Glass Series

SunStar SGL Series heater
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SunStar SGLMG Glass Series

SunStar SGLMG series heater
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SunStar PHJ Series

SunStar PHJ Series
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SunStar PHS Series

SunStar PHS Series
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Free Standing Restaurant Outdoor Heaters 

For restaurants with more outdoor space or outdoor spaces that are consistently rearranged, our free-standing heaters are an incredible option. They provide a focal point for outdoor seating areas and can be moved around to suit changing needs and situations. At SunStar Heating, our free-standing gas restaurant heaters are available in different sizes and styles to suit virtually any restaurant’s needs. They are also equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off switches and anti-tilt devices, ensuring that customers are safer while enjoying the warmth they provide.

Our free standing restaurant outdoor heater options include:

No matter which model you choose, our SunStar gas restaurant heaters will provide you with convenient heating power for your outdoor dining spaces.

Why Choose SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems for Restaurant Heaters? 

In addition to the high-quality and aesthetically pleasing heaters, SunStar Heating provides excellent customer service and expertise in heating. Our resident heating expert, Mike Workman, can work with you to help identify the best SunStar heater for your restaurant’s needs. Our team can also provide helpful information on installation and maintenance for your gas restaurant heaters.

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At SunStar Heating, our restaurant heaters provide an excellent solution for restaurants looking to create a more comfortable outdoor dining experience for their customers all year round. Our restaurant outdoor heaters stand out from the competition for their quality, aesthetics, and infrared heating capabilities. We offer a range of wall and ceiling mounted heaters as well as free-standing gas heaters to suit nearly any restaurant’s needs. 

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