SunStar Infrared Heaters

SunStar Heating from Advanced Systems supplies homes and businesses across the United States with various types of heating solutions, including SunStar ceramic infrared heaters. These remarkable heating products provide radiant, warming heat that can be an ideal solution for spot heating, area heating, or even total building heating. 

Our SunStar infrared ceramic heaters are built from high-quality materials, such as aluminized steel. This aids in corrosion resistance and overall durability. Yet, this does not mean our heaters have sacrificed any visual appeal! Our Sunstar infrared heaters are also incredibly aesthetically appealing – thanks to their sleek design and shiny metal finish. 

SunStar infrared ceramic heaters are split into two different categories: the SG series and the SGM series.

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Commercial SunStar Infrared heaters

for SunStar Ceramic Infrared Heaters 

Ceramic infrared heaters from SunStar are ideal for numerous spaces and applications. While they can be an excellent addition to a residential property, they are most commonly utilized by commercial businesses and industrial facilities. For commercial businesses, we offer a variety of heating options to aid in keeping your guests, customers, and employees warmer and more comfortable. As such, our SunStar natural gas or propane infrared heaters can benefit numerous commercial spaces, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Restaurant patios  
  • Auto dealerships
  • Tennis courts & other athletic spaces
  • Outdoor areas of retail stores
  • Smoking areas
  • Employee break spaces
  • And countless other commercial spaces! 
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commercial SunStar infrared heaters

Industrial SunStar Infrared heaters 

for SunStar Ceramic Infrared Heaters 

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants 
  • Machine shops
  • Loading docks
  • Farm buildings
  • Truck service areas
  • Aircraft hangers 

Both our SG series and SGM series of SunStar ceramic infrared heaters are incredibly durable. Their aluminized steel build resists corrosion along with several other weathering factors. As a result, our SunStar infrared heaters are resilient, dependable, and long-lasting heating solutions, which can be ideal not only for commercial businesses but also for industrial facilities. 

Some of the many industrial spaces that can benefit from SunStar infrared tube heaters include: 

If your business or industrial facility is in need of reliable heating, one or more SunStar ceramic infrared heaters may be the solution you need!

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industrial sunstar infrared heaters

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SunStar ceramic infrared heaters from SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems are available for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces across the United States. SunStar is a premier designer and producer of high-quality heaters and heating solutions, and at Advanced Systems, we are an authorized distributor for their remarkable products. Our team and owner, Mike Workman, are experts in installing and supplying heaters. By working with us, you gain access to Mike Workman’s years of experience and guidance on heating options. 

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