Common SunStar Heater Applications

The team from SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems provides highly effective heating solutions for settings across the United States with our versatile SunStar heaters. These modern, marvelous heaters provide ambient warming heat that helps make a variety of residential, commercial, and even municipal spaces more comfortable for people to work or enjoy. This includes outdoor, semi-outdoor, and some indoor settings. As a result, our high-quality SunStar heaters are a perfect fit for restaurants, warehouses, industrial buildings, outdoor patios, and so much more. 

Discover the details of the most common applications for our multifaceted infrared SunStar heaters below:

Restaurant Heaters

Across the United States, there are various types of restaurants that offer their guests outdoor or semi-outdoor dining. This allows them to pair the pleasantness of fresh air and nature with the spectacular meals they prepare. However, in the Fall, Winter, and sometimes Spring, outdoor dining can be chilly and uncomfortable. 

Fortunately, at SunStar Heating, we offer our restaurant heaters, including wall and ceiling mounted options as well as portable options. Our SunStar Heaters help keep your guests warm and comfortable throughout their meals. So if you own and operate a restaurant with a patio, outdoor bar area, or outdoor entertainment space, our restaurant heaters are here to help!

Shot of a warehouse

Warehouse Heating

Warehouses are essential for life almost anywhere in The United States of America. They house and process all types of goods – from foods to electronics and so much more. Sadly though, these massive buildings can often become too cold for warehouse workers during the winter months, especially during the evenings and early mornings. 
To alleviate this situation, the team from SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems offers effective warehouse heating solutions. Our SunStar infrared heaters can help heat spaces of many different sizes, so our team can identify a heating solution to help keep your warehouse employees warm all winter long.

Industrial Buildings

Much like other larger indoor settings, industrial buildings in the U.S. are often in need of heaters to help keep areas in and around them warm and more comfortable for those that work there. These facilities are another common application for our marvelous SunStar heaters. Our highly durable heaters work well in these environments and can ultimately provide the effective heating solution that is needed to help maintain workplace productivity. So if you own and operate a manufacturing facility, cold storage building, data center, flex building, or another type of industrial building, our SunStar heaters may be the answer for your heating needs.

Shot of industrial building
Outdoor gas heater

Outdoor Patio Heater

Outdoor patios are amazing spaces for entertaining, relaxing, eating a meal, and numerous other activities. Whether on a residential or commercial property, we at SunStar Heating have a variety of outdoor patio heater options to help suit your unique space and setup. Our many modern heating options include both surface-mounted heaters as well as freestanding heaters, which can easily be moved around to accommodate changing setups and configurations. No matter what you use your outdoor patio for, we here at SunStar Heating can help provide you with a SunStar heater that fits your unique needs and situation.

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