Best SunStar Heaters for 2023

The best SunStar heaters for 2023 are available for ordering from us at SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems. Our selection of first-rate patio and infrared heaters address the needs of various settings and applications, providing these spaces with the high-quality heating solutions they need. Our marvelous SunStar heaters are ideal for residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial situations. 

Find out more about our selection of SunStar heating products and which may be best suited for your unique needs in 2023 below: 

Free standing patio heater

Free Standing Patio Heaters 

One of the most versatile heating solutions for patios that we offer is our free-standing patio heaters. At SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems, we offer free-standing patio heaters from our PHJ series and PHS series. These heaters work well in both residential and commercial patio spaces, such as restaurant patios. They each feature stable, wheeled bases as well as professional-looking finishes in black or silver. They require no electricity and instead operate on propane gas, which makes our free-standing patio heaters both a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. 

SunStar mounted heater

Mounted Patio Heaters

For a more permanent heating solution, our SunStar mounted patio heaters provide radiant warmth and help save space. The mounted patio heaters in our SGL Glass and SGLMG Glass series utilize a sleek, space-saving design, which allows them to be attached to walls and ceilings without being distracting or overbearing. Best of all, their radiant heat allows them to warm spaces effectively – even in 40 MPH winds. As a result, our SunStar mounted patio heaters can be a modern and marvelous addition to your residential or commercial property to help keep you and your guests warmer.

Infrared heater from SunStar

Infrared Heaters 

At SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems, we also offer heating solutions for purposes other than patio heating. This is where our ceramic infrared heaters come into account. We offer two series of infrared heaters: the SG series and the SGM series. Both series of infrared heaters provide remarkably radiant heat to help keep spaces warmer and more comfortable. Much like our other heaters, these models operate utilizing propane or natural gas – not electricity. This, along with their exceptional durability, makes them ideal for settings like warehouses, construction areas, manufacturing facilities, remote locations, outdoor and covered locations.

What Makes Our SunStar Heaters the Best for 2023? 

With our SunStar heaters, our customers receive an incredible deal! This is because our heaters offer radiant, warming heat with a durable, high-quality build. Our infrared SunStar heaters, in particular, have a unique way of providing heat. They transfer radiant heat energy directly into a space, which is then heated further, creating a remarkably warm zone. This form of heating also often results in a 30 to 50% savings in fuel, making it exceptionally efficient and cost-effective. These reasons – among others – are part of what makes our SunStar heaters the best for 2023.    

Common Applications for Our Heaters 

There are numerous applications in the United States for our SunStar heaters in 2023. Some of the most common applications for our marvelous heaters include the following:  

  • Residential patio heating
  • Restaurant patio heating
  • Open warehouse heating
  • Industrial area heating

Patios and industrial spaces are often subjected to especially cool temperatures, particularly during the winter months of the year. Fortunately, with our SunStar patio and infrared heaters, there are several heating solutions available for these spaces that can help make them warmer and more comfortable to work in and enjoy. 

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At SunStar Heating by Advanced Systems, exceptional heating solutions are available through the ordering and use of our best SunStar heaters for 2023. Whether for a residential, commercial, or industrial setting, we offer a variety of patio and infrared heaters that can help keep your spaces warmer and more comfortable. Contact us today to learn more about our SunStar heaters and receive a free quote for our best SunStar heaters for 2023!